Numirra is headed by Caroline Chinery (ex Targetti MLE Hotel Lighting and Heathfield & Co Lighting), Founded in 2008, it has a built reputation for professionalism combined with excellent Customer Service. Our understanding and experience of the Hospitality procurement process has been crucial to our success and ensures clients are provided with a flawless and efficient service from start to finish.
Company Overview
In order to satisfy the needs of a particular project, we welcome the opportunity to discuss requirements for something 'unique' whether that be an adaptation to an existing collection or something completely new.
Low Energy
With the increasing need to be energy efficient, all of our products consider energy saving costs in their functionality.
We have worked on a vast array of Hospitality projects, examples of which can be found on our 'Project' page.


Tel: +44 (0) 1264 336110


Hampshire, United Kingdom

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